Poser 2014 clothing modifications

  • I'd like to add a few patches and to an existing jacket. I tried creating the patches on the texture in Photoshop. That didn't work out. When rendering the patches get distorted. I tried to import the jacket into 3D studio and add a shape onto the shoulder but it's not translating right when I bring it back into Poser 2014. Is there a tutorial that I can follow?
    0_1511071513642_patches expl.jpg

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    Adding details like that can be pretty tedious because when the mesh is posed it gets stretched and distorted. It's less obvious with solid fabric patterns than it is with prints and decorations like what you're trying to do. There's really no way to avoid distortion like that on conforming clothing, as even if you modeled the patches as separate geometry they'll still be distorted when the arms are bent.

    You could try making them separate geometry props and then make them smart props so that they follow the arms. That will prevent them from distorting but they won't always line up perfectly so you'll probably need to adjust their positions with different poses so that they look like they're attached the way patches like that would be.

    The only other thing I can think is try converting the clothing to dynamic and add the geometry where the patches are to a soft decorated group, so that it distorts less when draping.

  • I imported the jacket into 3ds max and then cloned the jacket and hid it. I then created a patch shape from the cloned jacket's arm. Next I deleted the clone excpt for the patch. That I attached to the original jacet and exported it out as a .obj file.
    When I return it poser, it imports as a huge jacket. It also is one solid model, no parts like th original.

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    That's because rigged Poser models are broken up into separate groups that correspond to each body part of the rig. I'm not familiar enough with modeling in 3DS to give you a step-by-step, but the first thing is that Poser's scale is very small compared to all other 3D programs, so you have to first scale the model to a workable size in the modeler then make sure you can scale it back to its original size in order to bring it back into Poser. You'll also need to find a way to retain the model's original vertex grouping. Again I don't know how that is done in 3DS. If you add any new geometry to the model then that new geometry will have to be added to the proper vertex groups in order for Poser to work with it. You can do that with Poser's grouping tool or with whatever method in your modeler you have that allows you to assign geometry to vertex groups. Any geometry that is not assigned to a group in Poser will either disappear when the figure is rigged, or it will stay in one place when the figure is posed. (A piece of conforming clothing is the same as a figure).

    If you were using Poser's 3ds import/export options, don't. It's not intended for files to be edited and brought back into poser. It's just meant to send scene files between the two programs.

    Instead you need to work with the jacket's original obj file from Poser's runtime, which means you have to locate it first. The first place to look would be inside the Geometries folder for older clothing, or in the Characters folder. It may also be in the Props folder, depending on what jacket it is that you're using and what figure it was originally made for. Newer versions of Poser put clothing in the Props directory for the Poser figures. Once you find the jacket model be sure to make a copy of it to work on, don't modify the original.

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    The geometry and texture on collars and elbow tips always stretches when bend.
    Lowering the arms, bending the forearms will do that for you.

    It is best to put the decals a bit lower on the upper arm to get out of that "collar stretch" zone.

  • Lowering the patches on the arm is passable, thanks.

  • @AmbientShade Lowering the patch down the arm seems to work for now. I'm still going to try and work on a copy of the .obj file. thanks