Creating conforming clothes from an OBJ file

  • Hello,

    I'm a 3D illustrator using C4D.
    I order to create historical characters, I'm supposed to create also historical clothes (conforming).
    I can create clothes in C4D based on a Poser pro figure (Ryan for example) and export them in OBJ files. No problem with that (except that I loose all the materials and polygon selection)
    Then I import the OBJ file, make it fit again on Ryan, and then it becomes really difficult.
    The user manual tells you something about dynamic clothing, but almost nothing about creating a conforming cloth.
    I suppose it has something to do with the set up room and rigging the items but again the manual tells me what I can do but no how to do it.
    I found some very bad tutorials on the net that didn't help at all.
    I would appreciate a step by step tuto for that.

    Thank you

  • Group the clothing according inside Poser: assign polygons using the Poser Grouping Tool, and label each group as well as assign material to that group. Go into Setup room. draw out the bones for the parts, starting with hip. You must keep the Poser convention names when assigning bones. Once you exit the Setup room, the rig will be bound to the polygons, after which you have to adjust the bending using joint parameters and weight map. Another way is to export from C4D as FBX and import into Poser, which solves all your trouble.

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    What version of Poser are you using?

    If you have Poser Pro 2014, Game Dev or Poser Pro 11 (most recent) then you should have the fitting room. You can use it to create conforming clothing from a clothing model that will fit to the figure you made the clothing for.

  • I'm using Poser pro 11, i going to try that.
    Thank you

  • I tried but it didn't work, pretty sure that I need to rig the cloth first anyway.
    Is there some kind of copy past from Ryan to Cloth solution in order to properly rig the shirt I made ?
    I'm very surprised that there is no intuitive way to do such an important thing as making custom clothes.
    Guessing is an enormous waist of time I think when illustration is not so well paid anymore.

  • @loic - Most rigs are specific to the figure, so let's assume you want to work with Ryan figure. Since you have Poser pro 11, you can use the morph brush tool. Here is what you do.

    Load Ryan and zero him. Import the clothing OBJ. Align the clothing to Ryan as best as you can. Load the Morph brush, create new morph. Use the Loosen Fit option of the Morph Brush with Ryan as the Goal. Paint over your clothing so that the areas are over Ryan's body where you need them to be. Export as object.

    Re-import the morphed clothing OBJ, go into Fitting Room. Start a new Fitting Simulation, with your morphed clothing OBj as the Object, and do not check any options. Use Ryan figure as your Goal, and you may want to check Zero Figure.

    Run the simulation, export as conforming . Done.

  • Thank you very much, I going to try that !

    All the best

  • @loic Now that I know you can use it....I did a tutorial for rigging clothing for PP2014+ some time back.

    That will get a clothing piece rigged (basic rigging) in about 10 minutes in Poser.

  • @ibr_remote said in Creating conforming clothes from an OBJ file:


    Thank you I'll try that to.

  • Answering ibr_remote,

    I did as you say except for a few things.
    As the clothing has been made over Ryan zero figure, there wasn't much to do with the morphing brush but I discovered a nice option, thank you.
    In the fitting room I didn't find any possibility to "export as conforming" after running the fitting so I checked "create figure" and choose the Ryan body parts that interested me.
    That create me a new figure, I canceled the old one and save this new object or figure in the library in the Ryan folder.
    I made a drag and drop on Ryan and here we go !
    I just have some little problems under the arms when the arms are near the body as Ryan's skin is visible.
    Next step : practicing and texturing.
    I suppose there is no way to texture my shirt in C4D as the OBJ export will cancel everything...

  • @loic Poser will export a .mtl file with the .obj file which should contain the materials and textures you need once you apply them. Poser should also import that same .mtl file with an obj.

  • @loic Simply use the morph brush on your new conforming clothing to sag the armpits. Save it as a second version, just in case you still need your first.

  • smart :-) thank you

  • And you don’t need to export an obj after you adapt the clothing with the morph brush and reimport it. You can use the modified object directly in the fitting room. Just don’t zero it.

  • The good news is that the OBJ file keeps the Body Paint UV mapping when imported in Poser from C4D.