Working with Panels

  • Hello guys i have questions with panels. Well i have trouble to work with small dimetions, i don't like it cause i cant add details to anything (objects, buildings, especialy characters etc) so what i want to do (if its possible) is to work an image/panel in the whole page's size and somehow to reduce the image for panel's size, but i don't want to change thickness and lose quality. If i draw in vector layers and select it with object tool there is an option for this but is difficult to select the whole layer with object tool. Is there any other way to do that ?

  • There's an option for the Object tool to select by drag. That way you can drag a square selection over a vector image and select everything. But I wouldn't bother drawing on a whole canvas and shrinking down to a panel. You will lose detail regardless of how you do it. If you are exporting for print, you will need to export line art at around 300 - 600 ppi at print size. If you are exporting for the web or digital you need a lower resolution.If your detail is too much for those resolutions then drawing bigger and shrinking won't change that.