Moving canvas while drawing?

  • Hey y'all,

    This is a new problem - maybe since a windows or driver update, but not sure. I'm on a Surface Pro 2017.

    Lately when I've been drawing quickly, my pen will seem to "grab" the canvas and move it rather than draw. It's crazy annoying and has seriously gotten in the way of my professional work.

    I found if I turn off touch gestures, it doesn't happen, but I use touch gestures to move the canvas other times.

    I don't put my had anywhere near the screen, so I know it's not picking up feedback from my hand.

    Anybody know how to solve this?

  • Hi there..
    I used to have a Surface Pro 3 and never had issues with Manga Studio.
    I just got the new 2017 Surface Pro and installed the latest Fall updates and then installed manga studio.

    I'm seeing the same issue that you're having and was wondering the same thing..

    However, since it seems that beside this issue- you're using the software as intended.

    I wanted to ask how you got the pen pressure to work withing Manga Studio?
    Like I mentioned, I got it working on SP3 but on this new 2017 SP, I cant get it to recognize the pressure..Any ideas?

    I've tried switching back and forth between the Wintab/Tablet PC option under "Preferences"but not fixing the issue.

    This may seem stupid, but if you have any tips- I'd love to hear.

  • My pen tool suddenly wants to act like the "hand tool"--it grabs and moves the canvas but doesn't draw. I have made no adjustments or changes to the program. This is an issue specific to Manga/Clip Studio and doesn't happen in Photoshop, for example. I see others have experienced this issue but no one has an idea to address it?