Using the "Copy Morphs from" function

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    Yeah those are pretty extreme. It would take some pretty heavy polygon counts to cover dose. LOL

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    Combining all the morphs into a single , and do a "copy" from that on in the clothing will solve most of his issues, but the breast area?

  • @vilters
    That's why I was curious to see some of the lined views. Some of those clothing pieces are lending better results than others. Still, no matter how good the meshes are, there is definitely going to be some touchup required for those ... um ... "spheres" (LOL) ... and he may need to use the fitting tools in the Morph palette to fix them.

  • @doc000
    Thank you but what you do not show is the original fit at the moment the transfer is made.
    The morph deltas in the target are a weighted average of the deltas of the closest by source vertices, so bad fit gives bad result.

  • Can you not use the morph brush on the clothing, cover the figure with the clothing, then get into Fitting Room, and do a fit without zeroing the clothing ? Then generate a conforming clothing figure from there.

  • @ibr_remote You could do that, but for personal use only. The resulting CR2 could not be distributed without violating copyright.

    It's not just the way breast morphs are made, it's that expecting a mesh, created at breast cup C, morphed to breast cup EEEEEE balloons to fit without work to eliminate the distortion. The same is true with the hip.

    There are reasons vendors don't support extreme morphs - very validly displayed right here in this thread. The same thing happened with Stephanie4 in the reverse - her small breast size caused so much crushing in clothing mesh most vendors wouldn't take the time required to fix the mess.

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    I'm not real sure what you were looking for. In each pair of images, the clothing item was conformed to the model, so the "before" images are what it looks like before trying to transfer morphs. Most of the clothing items had some of the morphs I was using, but not all. I only transferred the morphs that weren't already in the clothing. I had also checked the boxes to automatically include morphs and scaling.

    I've tried the trick of just spawning a FBM of the charcter and then transferring that. It usually produces even worse results.

    I've also tried using the fitting room after I've morphed/adjusted the clothing item. Works great for male figures most of the time, but those darn breasts on female figures always seem to cause a problem. :)

    I'm not normally a fan of using "well endowed" female models, but most of the people who commission me certainly are. So, that's why I want to find an easier way to put clothes on large breasted characters.

    I guess I'll just stick with Morphing clothes/morphing tool/magnets and some creative postwork.

  • @doc000
    I do not see any images labelled before or aft, and no fits that would transfer correctly.
    If it does not fit at the time of morph copy, it will not fit afterwards either.
    Make copy when figure and clothing are zero-ed.

  • @doc000 As someone with a long time experience with large breast morphs, I sympathize. As people have said, Copy Morphs work fine mid range morphs, but not so well for extreme morphs, especially if the clothing item doesn't have a lot of polygons.

    Morph Brush's "Loosen Fit" option does help. When trying to pull up large area, do it in sections. Don't be afraid to lower the intensity. You will have a finer control over the morph.

    At times, I will load in a ball prop and use that as the goal for Loosen and Tighten instead of the figure. I can place and shape the ball where it would be the best to morph from.

    Good morphs take time.

  • I've had similar issues with muscular men., though not in the extremes shown. I've used the morph brush to fix it but reading this thread and that it's caused by too low of polygons made me wonder, would subdividing before copying the morphs help?