A better way of creating morph targets

  • Posted an outline of this in another topic, but I thought it was too good to leave buried. I was thinking about a better way of creating morph targets. At the moment, morphing is frankly a massive pain in the butt, requiring many ducks to be in a row to work properly. As I understand it:

    1. Geometry must be the same scale
    2. Geometry must have same number of vertices
    3. Geometry must occupy same relative position.
    4. Geometry must have same vertex number order

    Wouldn't it be great if Poser created morphs by assessing the VOLUME and SHAPE of a target object, not its vertices?

    This would enable the ability to use any geometry as a morph target regardless of number of vertices. Rather than mapping numbered vertices, which is excruciatingly sensitive, the user would correlate geometric regions using pins and lines, that tell the program key points in the morph. Poser would then use the volume of the new object as a target, using the blend zone technology and fuzzy blending to extrapolate the remaining morph.

    Although for expert users, this might actually be a slower process than simply making changes in your modeller, exporting in the correct format and creating new morphs, for the non-modelling novice and intermediate, it would open up new and much more versatile ways of creating morphs. I've created many morphs and I still get caught out all the time by the excruciating twitchiness of importing 3rd party geometry to use as morphs for 3rd party models.

    Moreover, even for the expert, it has some benefits. Imagine that you have a human model and want to create an animal hybrid. Simply import the animal, then correlate the parts to the human (eyes, limbs, fingers, etc) and let the program create the hybrid, all without ever having to do any modelling.

    What do you guys think?

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    What about using the fitting room?

  • Wasn't there a demo somewhere about using the Tight Fit tool to transfer face morphs between two characters with different meshes? It would be something along those lines, right?

  • @caisson The fitting room is only designed to work with clothes. I'm talking about morphs for any object, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • @fbs7 I'd not heard of that. Do you know which site that tutorial was on please?

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    I thought @vilters had a video demo using the fitting room to transfer shapes. Might be wrong ;)

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    Check my YouTube series Poser2Blender2Poser, => Video1 and Video2 for single vertex group morph creation, FullBodyMorph creation, and HD morph projection.

    Video 1 for the correct import and export settings and morphs, simple morphs, FBM's and HD morph projection for PP11.

    Video2 for the HD morph projection for standard Poser versions.

    The fitting room can be used on figures and on clothing. It does not care, it works on all of them. The only difference between the fitting room and the setup room is that you can not create "new" bones. You can use a donor rig, just like in the setup room, but you can not create "new bones". (But you can delete existing ones)

    The morph brush can make Morph projections from figure A to figure B, or figure to clothing, or clothing to figure, or prop to prop, or mesh to mesh.

    Using the morph brush you can shrink a SubD ball on a cube, or over a figure, or over a clothing, it simply works..

    For best results however you need a proper relation between polygon density.
    Polygon density between both meshes is best about the same, or double, or half, and play with the SubD to get there.

  • @vilters Where are your videos please?

  • @matb You can find them on YouTube. Just search for Tony Vilters.