2 issues Poser displaying with tiny text & FXB import issue

  • So two issues Im hoping someone has the answer to. 1 When I import FXB files manipulated in MAYA no figure shows. Its just an empty workspace.

    And 2, when I open Poser all the interface shows up small with tiny text.

    Any one has any insight into either of these I would greatly appreciate your help.


  • OK, so, tiny text issue resolved. Still need help with the fxb issue. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hi rolffimages.. There are two types of fbx files, one which is animation only, the other is an fbx with the mesh attached.

    Poser does not know how to interpret the first one, as it only animation information.. it is looking for a mesh, doesn't find it, and does nothing. In some previous versions of Poser, if you already had a character loaded, and the bone information was the same, it could apply it, but I'm not sure that is working right now (there are a lot of fbx bugs in Poser)

    What exactly are you trying to do that you need fbx in Poser? because it is really buggy right now.

  • Thank you for replying kkstudio! Sorry for the late response from me. I have someone who is modifying a poser figure in Maya for me and need it to be poseable in Poser. Hence the FBX format. Is there another format where I can do this?

  • Hi Rolffimages.. sorry for not responding sooner (yesterday was spent in a food coma.. :)

    You can still use fbx, just make sure the mesh, morphs, etc, also get exported out.. I'm not a Maya user so I can't help much with that. You could also use Collada (I think this is an option in Maya, I'm not sure)

    Also, what version of Poser are you using? Poser Pro 11 interprets fbx differently than Pro 2014 game dev.. and there are also differences when importing fbx binary or fbx ascii

  • No worries. Thanks for responding. So yeah I am using poser pro 11 I am a basic poser skills person and even less when it comes to working in most 3D software. So binary and asci, mesh, morphs, i'm kind of in the dark about what most of them mean. Mesh? I am assuming you mean the surfaces of the model. Sorry for my lack of understanding.

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    @rolffimages - there are different FBX versions that can be exported from Maya - see docs here. I'd suggest exporting using various FBX versions & see what happens - haven't used the format, or Maya, myself.

  • Not a problem Rolffimages! We were all there at some point..

    Now, question, are you just trying to modify the surfaces of your poser figure in Maya so you can bring it back into Poser and keep it as a Poser native character?.. (for example, to make ears pointy, change the face and body, etc) if yes, then you should be able to export the figure as an obj file, and as long as you don't ADD to the mesh, (in other words, just move parts around), then you could bring that back into poser as a morph of the character, instead of bringing it in as a completely rigged figure.

  • @caisson Thanks I will tell them and see what they can do. I have someone else doing the altering work.

  • @kkstudio I am having them completely remove the features of the face, so it is a blank surface. I am not sure how they are achieving this effect. When you say adding to the model do you mean vertices? or additional limbs, etc? Ill have to look into morphs. What are they? I will need to be able to use the figure in poser and manipulate the limbs, fingers, head, etc. Thanks again!

  • You can export out any part of the body from Poser as an obj to use as a morph target.. which you then can edit in something like Maya, zbrush, etc and bring it back in as a morph dial in poser. If you click on the head in poser for example, you will see dials that control the shape of the head or do expressions.. that is what I'm referring to as morphs. You can change the shape of the head without having to go through using fbx.

    Here are some links to some old tutorials on Renderosity that will give you an idea of what I'm talking about, these are directed to Zbrush, but the idea is the same using any modeling software
    https://www.renderosity.com/mod/tutorial/?tutorial_id=2127 to export from poser
    process in zbrush https://www.renderosity.com/mod/tutorial/index.php?tutorial_id=2128

    hope this helps

  • Thank you! Will look these over. So far this looks like it will be far easier.

  • So I'm getting a error message saying. Target geometry has wrong number of vertices.
    I was able to get it to work on one of the models he sent me but that was with a model with just a minor change to test it. However the actual fully changed model it will not accept. Any ideas?

  • Hi Rolffimages

    You get that error message when there is some editing done to the mesh that actually removes or adds vertices to the original obj export. You have to make sure that nothing is added or taken away to use this method. When your friend opens the mesh, he has to take note of the number of vertices that the model has, and make sure that any changes he does don't alter that number, otherwise poser won't accept it

  • Hmm, Wondering if he can make these changes without changing number of vertices. If he cannot is fbx the way to go??

  • Hi Rolffimages

    Yes, you can import it, but then it is no longer a native Poser character, so it will not have all the functionality that you might be used to. What Poser character is it?

  • @kkstudio James and Jesse. He is telling me in order to close the eyeholes he must add vertices. I asked him if it is not possible to alter the placement but keep the same number of vertices. I will see what he says. Thank you very much for helping me with this!