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  • Hi guys,

    Now I rendering all the frames one by one using superfly. Is there any possible to rendering all the frames send to queue render?


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    @vasanthart If you have the Pro version (Poser 11 Pro), you can use animation : make movie ...
    0_1511500715062_animation - make movie P11Pro.png

    ...That will bring up the movie settings UI. Set format to image files, set renderer to Superfly, and resolution scale to preview size (or specify a different size).
    0_1511500918524_send -animation- render to queue P11Pro.png
    Finally, click "send render to", and from the drop-down menu, choose Queue.
    You will then be given a prompt to browse for a storage location and a name, and you can specify the file format - I use PNG. The frames will be saved as name_0001, name_0002, etc.

    You'll need to install Queue Manager on the remote machines, and activate them using the Queue serial -^not^ the Poser serial.
    When you first launch Queue, expect your firewall to prompt you about permissions. You need to give Queue both inbound and outbound permissions.
    Even if you're only using one machine, you can send the animation to Queue. You can also send a series of individual renders (sometimes called a batch list) to Queue. Queue will work its way through all of the "jobs" until they are all completed.

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    Great! Thanks a lot...