Firefly Eyes

  • Continuing from the discussion about rendering eyes in Firefly on the "Post your Firefly Renders" thread...

    Background to this: I'd posted the image below in which I'd basically used bagginsbill's reflecting sclera version of an eye shader for V4 that he'd posted over at RDNA in 2015.

    I copied bagginsbill's shader and uploaded it to ShareCG if you want to try it -

    But for this particular render I'd made some changes and I can't remember exactly what they were. Result - it looks as if she's wearing contact lenses (not my intention at all!)

    alt text

  • Okay I've checked. For the render above I used a transparency mask (V4StephanieCornea.jpg, from DAZ) on both the iris and sclera to try and prevent the distinct boundary between iris and sclera. I don't think that this was in the bagginsbill shader - and I now see why !

    Here's a closeup, with the result of the preliminary SSS pass shown too to see the bump


    Iris shader used (hsv_3 was a pointless addition by me - I didn't see hsv_2_2_2!):


    And sclera shader used:


    I'd used Rebel Mommys Willow for V4 and applied one of AerySoul Alice's iris textures

  • Simply removing the transperence from both iris and sclera...


    (and here's the one from the previous post (i.e. with transparencyon both iris and sclera) for quick and easy comparison)

    alt text

    Yes, my use of transparency was a bad idea !

    ~ ~ ~

    Mustn't forget the eye morphs that had been applied:

    • EyeCorneaBulge = 1.0
    • EyeIrisBulge = 1.0
    • EyeIrisConvexivity = 1.5

  • With transparency only applied to the sclera:


    And with transparency only applied to the iris:


  • Eyesurface shader used (bagginsbill's completely invisible material):


    Cornea shader used (bagginsbill's reflecting transparent material):


  • And just out of interest, if I also use the 'completely invisible'material for the cornea (i.e. not realistic at all)...


    I did that because I was wondering why the iris looks so flat and lifeless. Looks like it's either the texture, the shader, or both. Probably something stupid I did !

  • the only thing I struggle with in firefly and eyes is to make it behave normally with IDL and SSS combined. The sclera seems to glow usually, and its probably because of close geometry acting like a reflector if I use low lighting or render settings or something. I haven't had tme to fully investigate this.

    But for the rest I do the following:

    • transparent eye surface with reflection at 0.5, attached to Fresnel blend, and then a gloss node in alt spec.
    • iris just simple diffuse texture with a gentle spec using same texture and some bump
    • sclera has scatter node skin2 into alt diffuse. Tiny bit of bump. No spec whatsoever.
    • pupil pitch black

    0_1511523395866_new years boat trip 001.jpg

    Project E is a different case altogether. But more on that later ;)

    0_1511523570787_Aino Lady 1.jpg