Copy values to tools and register?

  • Hi there

    After more than two years with CSP I have just discovered this:

    0_1511532607701_Skærmbillede 2017-11-24 kl. 15.06.32.png

    Copy value and display status to all tools within a range.

    That is an enormous timesaver when setting up multiple brushes.

    However the changes are not registered. If I push "Reset all to default" it will do so.
    So you have to go to each single brush and register it.

    Is there a way around this?


  • there is no direct way to apply mass-registration of brush values that I know of, however, you can make the pain of manually saving each preset more bearable with custom shortcuts.

    I have a "register to initial settings" command mapped to shift+S, and "revert to initial settings" command bound to shift+R respectively;
    that way, anytime I come up with a brush preset I am particularly fond of using, I just hit shift+s and have it saved from there (there's also a third shortcut, the "lock subtool", tied to shift+L, also very convenient).
    for you, it will be a matter of going through your list of brush presets one by one and hitting whatever shortcut you'll set up until all of them are registered.

  • Thanks for your reply Nekomata.

    Shortcuts is the way to go.