Posing imported FBX in Poser

  • Using Poser Pro 11, I have been experimenting with imported FBX files from Celsys Clip Studio Coordinate. Some of the FBX files contain multiple parts - clothing, accessories, and shoes. One key issue is how to pose the figure without getting horrific distortions in the body parts. I discovered that when viewed in Poser's Hierarchy viewer, the top-most FBX item is the one to command all other imported items below it. Therefore, counter intuitive as it may seem, in this example, I use the rig from the hair mesh, and pose individual body parts with that rig. If you do otherwise, and try turning the parameter dials for the body mesh parts, you will get bad distortions. Likewise, if you point at the forearm of legs of the body mesh, and you attempt to pose them, you will get distortions as well. Therefore, use the parts of the top-most imported FBX item in the Hierarchy view, and pose the entire figure and clothing from that.

    1_1464255798211_Discussion002_annotd.jpg !