Wacom or 3d mouse?

  • I was thinking about maybe looking into either a Wacom tablet or a 3d mouse. Would I benefit from either in Poser? What about in Blender (for those who use it)? Which would be a better option? What things would I look at to pick out a good one?

  • @redphantom
    I have both and for the world would not want to do without either of them.
    The 3d mouse makes camera movement a lot easier because you can keep your normal mouse (or tablet) for the function you use it for at that moment.
    Tablet (pressure sensitive) makes weightmap and morph painting workable, so that is a must. Wacom medium size is fine. Touch is not necessary and did lead to ambigous commands causing earlier versions of Poser11 to freeze. That is practically solved now but other apps still may show unwanted 'modal lock'.
    For 3dmouse the simple SpaceNavigator does the trick for me.

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    I use a Wacom pen for almost everything now. Even poser. Thinking of getting a 3DConnecion as well.

  • Both too. Tablet for years (still on Intuos3), SpaceNavigator since this summer. And trackball :)
    The tablet helps a lot with morph brush and everything drawing related. I'd say tablet first, but it could be just my experience.
    SpaceNavigator erases a lot of pains in camera positioning. Both in Poser and Blender. Nothing fancier is required I think.
    But if you have to choose I'd say tablet. And I use it in everything from Poser to VisualStudio and PyCharm. Even in Chrome just now :)

  • I've been using one model or another Wacom tablet for everything computer related for close to 2 decades, and I would hate having to go back to using a mouse.

  • Both! Can't have it any other way. And let's not forget about the G13 game controller for all your key combinations and macros!

  • So what wacom would you recommend? I know almost nothing about these things.

  • @redphantom
    What's your budget?
    The cheap stuff is ~$100 for a ~3x5" or a 30" monitor you can draw on for a few $1000

  • @redphantom
    Medium size Intuos does fine for me.