Purchased the Mac version of Poser Pro yesterday …,

  • … and I'm unable to find the link the Download manager for SR 7 & SR8? Ten minutes of searching fruitless.


  • @murgatroydals …, OK, I have to read the fine print on my Download Manager …, that states the version 11.08… is installed. #oops!

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    @murgatroydals The DLM itself will be; if you launch DLM and enter your Poser Pro serial, the DLM will automatically offer the latest Poser Pro version

    If you have other computers available on your home network, you can install/launch DLM on them and enter the Queue Manager serial (not the Poser Pro serial).
    The DLM will download Queue Manager for the other computers. You can then use them as "remotes" (render slaves). Be sure to give Queue Manager and FFRender64 firewall permissions, both inbound and outbound.

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