poser 9 invalid serial number

  • Hi All !
    I just installed an old copy of poser 9 in my laptop, installed ok and was able to enter the serial number without issue. When I try to download the updaters from Smith Micro, I get an invalid serial number message and the updaters won't download. Is there a fix for this?


  • @jmf1964
    Did you retype the serial from scratch or did you paste it?
    At some point there was an issue with pasted serial numbers not being read correctly.

  • Typed, not pasted, all caps, with dashes, with zeros not "o"s.
    Poser 9 accepted the serial number and will start on the laptop but crashes before fully loading probably because of the ie 11 incompatibility, which the update is supposed to fix.

    The Smith Micro updater website keeps rejecting the serial number, there is not even a place where I can enter it.

  • I had the zip files of the updaters in my other laptop, I ran them and everything seems to be working.
    Still don't know why I got that error message.

  • @jmf1964 Just a note............

    Did you upgrade your Poser 9 from a previous version? If so, with the initial install you have to put in the old serial number and the new one.

    Could that possibly be the issue?

  • nope, full retail version, poser 9 hybrid has both windows and mac discs in the plastic clamshell, i believe i bought it direct from smith micro.