Problems with Windows Fall Update and Surface Pro 4

  • Just got the Windows Fall updates on my Surface Pro 4 and having issues with the pen and touch features.

    1. Sometimes its not recognizing the pen. While painting, I lift my pen a little, and then next time I put the pen to the screen it moves the canvas.

    2. In the layers section, I can't move any layer with a pen or finger. I have to use a mouse.

    3. Pinch to zoom is freezing ... I have to restart the app after this happens.

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?

  • celsys have announced a major update coming in 2017, so maybe they will address whatever issues you're having r.n.;

    sorry that you felt for the microsoft hardware scam that surface has been since day 1!

  • Point one ... My Surface has worked flawlessly/wonderfully with Clip Studio for months.

    Point two .... I was looking for solutions, not the snarky comments from a troll.

    This is a software issue ... not hardware.

  • I'm frequently reading an other painting apps support forum, and surface complaints there are coming regularly and they typically have no immediate solution, not to mention a friend of mine recently had a surface abortion die on him, xoxo

    happy painting!

  • @thegalaxytonight I'm having a similar problem with my SP4 but the problem only appeared in the last couple of days. I am on the Windows Insider Ring and the last time I updated was a couple of days ago so that might be culprit. I also updated CSP in the last week as well. Did you find a solution to your problem?