Travis (Paul revised)

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    This project started with fixing default Paul's hands and feet because I wasn't happy with their default shape. From there it moved on to adjusting proportions, adding head and facial shapes, refining his ears, defining muscle groups, etc. And along the way Travis was born. I wanted to try keeping his default joint centers in tact, though I knew I'd have to change at least the ones in his fingers and toes to match the adjustments made to the mesh in those areas but I thought I could get away with just making some changes to various weight maps. Instead I wound up moving most every JC, changing most min and max limits on all rotations and repainting every weight. I'm still working on some minor shape adjustments, a few jcms and refining skin materials, but I think he's far enough along to show an example render or two. His boxer briefs are also original (since Paul didn't come with any drawers) and I've been working on fit morphs for all his P11 library clothing, which will likely come in the form of new cr2s for them to fit the rig.

    I'm unsure if I should keep Travis as an FBM or just bake his shape to the base mesh so that new clothing could be made without fit morphs, but that would break his compatibility with the face room (I think). I'd also like to remap his UVs but that would make all the texture sets that Tempesta and others have made for Paul unusable on Travis. Once he's finished (soon I hope), he'll be available to anyone interested in him, either at 'rosity or CP. If there's enough interest I'll do more with him - expansion morphs, clothes, etc.

  • I'll be interested.

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    Looks good!

  • Wow! Look at those arms!

    It's amazing what Teyon could have done if SM gave him the time and a fully functional copy of Poser 11.

    Great work. Nice to see Paul as a usable figure! I would go ahead and bake him to the base mesh since it's not usable without your work on it.

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    Really slick work. :)

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    Thanks all. I'll post some more update pics soon.

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    @AmbientShade You better. hehe. He looks like a good companion to PE. ;)

  • I'd be very interested.

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    Great work, I look forward to seeing more. Personally I'd go for changing the UV's too - it may be possible to transfer existing texture maps from Paul to Travis using Zbrush. The workflow I'm thinking of would be to load Paul, group by UV tiles then load each map in turn & convert to polypaint. Import Travis & project from Paul with RGB only. Resolution would have to be high & eyes/inner mouth etc would have to be done separately but it might be possible to transfer existing textures to the new UV's that way. Maybe ;)

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    @caisson Yes, that is one way of doing it. I painted his skin in zbrush. But I can only do it for the skins I create.

    I did notice that other textures do not line up in some areas, like the brows, due to how much the geometry was moved in Travis' morph. But there are only a handful of skins for Paul that I know of. Tempesta has 3 or 4, there's one set for Teen Paul from SM (which do line up reasonably well) and I think one other at rosity. Not sure if there are any more of them out there.This is why I'm really hoping we get UV swapping.

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    Excellent work! I'll be interested too.

  • Great work!

  • @AmbientShade said in Travis (Paul revised):

    ...This is why I'm really hoping we get UV swapping.

    That would be nice! I end up remapping just about everything at one time or another. Half the commercial stuff I have has been remapped, too, and most have been completely redone, avoiding destructive editing of the mesh when I can, throwing caution to the wind and just using it as a base mesh, when i can't.

    Heck, these days, the only reason I'd buy a clothing product, for instance, is if it has a really interesting mesh or I know that it's very complex with a bunch of cool geometry and the like. Aaaaand... that's so I can destroy it in a 3D app and change... everything. :)