I don't get it... why SM's Poser gallery highlights water/fire effects?

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    @wimvdb I've heard they do in NYC and LA too. Us country folk don't get those luxuries tho. Hell I even live in a dry county.

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    To bring it back to Poser.
    In the last 6 years almost all of my images have been rendered in Octane.
    To create that image I spent at least 90% of the time in Poser: Creating the scene, posing the figures, props, expressions. Adapting the textures, materials, pokes throughs, etc.
    The final 10% of the time is spent in the Poser plugin to modify materials and add special effects.
    The render takes a few minutes.

    So I perfectly feel fine to say this is a Poser image since I spent 90% of my time composing the image and upload to the Poser Artist gallery if I think the end result is worthwhile to be seen to the general public.

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    Particles are possible in Poser via python. Various people have made their own particle systems for Poser over the years. Metaballs is one of them - available as far back as Poser 6 or 7. It just stopped working with one of the more recent versions of Poser and its creator never updated it.

    That's a pretty good argument, because SM did spend a lot of money and time preparing an interface in Python for add-ons, so if someone uses that to add simulation effects in Poser, then SM can very fairly take credit for that.

    I suspect that liquid physics should be possible in Poser via Python, because that's really just a mesh (although very varying one), and I suspect particles emitters should be feasible too. It's a pity that's not available.

    I have no idea if fire and smoke would be possible via Python, though, as I don't understand their implementation; I suspect they rely heavily in the rendering effects.

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    Every Render is mixed media.

    The models are done in a model software, the textures can be done in a texturer and so on.

    Poser is like the tool where one can combine, setup and basically be your own director of a scene.