Built in dome not blending from sky to ground

  • Hi,

    Spoke with my friend from Hivewire, she told me that the sky and ground should be blending but from where I'm sitting they are both separate. So if I load in an HDMI map of say a cityscape I should, in essence, get a full effect of a blend but that's not happening for me. For her it is. We double checked the versions and I'm up to date so not sure what's going on.

    Help in understanding this?
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  • @RAMWolff
    'The Construct' as it is called, has 2 material zones: ground and background.
    In the material room make one red and the other blue and you will see the separation.

    For loading a cityscape on it, give scene window the aspect ratio of your image, set focal length of camera to match the focal length used to shoot the image and posioitn&point the camera the way you held it when shooting the image.
    Then select the construct, start grouping tool, make a new group and add all polygons in view to it and assign a material 'Cityscape'. Then use 'Create perspective UV' to make the UV's of this the polygons match your camera view.
    Finally load the cityscape image as texture in the material.
    BTW this works also with other objects used as background.

  • Hmm, seems a bit fidgety ... are there any sky and land domes I can load that have all that set up already for Poser 11? I would think just grabbing the entire dome and applying a spherical UV to the whole thing would be a quick fix.

    I didn't take the image so I have no idea about focal length and such. I'm stupid when it comes to camera's! lol

  • Was your friend at Hivewire very specific about what geometry she was using for the "sky and ground"? A single image won't work on the Construct (Poser 11 GROUND) as it has those two separate material zones that F_Verbaas mentioned. The Construct mats include a sandy coloured ground and blue sky with clouds, which work together but don't really 'blend'.

    If I want a continuous ground-to-sky background I just hide the Poser 11 GROUND and use a full environment sphere UV mapped for use with an equirectangular image. These are widely available as standard JPGs or HDRIs.

  • @RAMWolff Richard, I don't have PP11 so this may not be factual, but you should be able to make the Construct in Poser invisible. Then you can import or load a Environment sphere or dome. Bagginsbill has one you can download, and Poser comes with one in the Primitives library folder.

  • You can also scale it down to 0.1% or so and move it behind the camera.

  • BTW, can the Construct be exported?

  • As far as I can see, yes.
    But like all Poser things you can also get it directly as a (zipped) .obj
    for me it is at:
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser 11 Content\runtime\geometries\Primitives\Construct.obz

  • Hmmm, I think I'm going to contact Casual and see if he's ever made a half dome with floor that is mapped nicely to take HDR seamless maps. Worth a shot...

  • @F_Verbaas Yeah, sadly, I don't have P11 just yet. Anyone know what the dimensions of the Construct are?

  • I imported one of Casual's freebie domes ... it's not got a floor plane and had to be scaled down to 25% of it's original size to meet my needs. It's doing the job but really wish there was a set up that included a floor plane that was actually PART of the dome. I may make one myself. Can't be that hard.

  • Can't you just remap the Construct?

  • I guess I could LOL

  • @eclark1849
    Diameter measures 75.01 m. Trust it will be some round figure when measured accurately in feet.
    The 'Background' bit is approximately a half-sphere, so height will be about 38 m.
    The background part is equirectangular mapped, For reasons probabl best known to themselves, the seam in the meridian seam in the mapping is aligned with the negative Z-axis, that: is straight ahead of default camera position.
    The connection with the ground part corresponds with v=0.5. Nadir with v=1.0.

    The ground part is mapped flat from top. with v=1.0 at the end where the dome intersects the negative Z axis.

  • OK, thanks for the info. Not sure what to do with that info but thanks! :-)

  • @RAMWolff
    Well, Eclark asked about dimensions. There were questions about mapping also so I tought I'd make the info complete for those interested.

    And, sorry confused Zentih and Nadir in the description. Zenith is at v=1.0, not Nadir

  • Made some tweaks to the UV Map. Can NOT for the life of me figure out how to get a really nice blend between both the dome and floor. Combined them both in my UV program into one map surface and tried to get the seams I wanted drawn in with it's tools but not happy with any of the layouts so went back to a floor and dome but actually UV'd them differently and got something close..

    If anyone that knows how to UV reads this any help in understanding how to get a really good blended UV that will display an environment map correctly... that would be so cool!



  • @RAMWolff Richard, do you mind showing us what you got and what you want?

  • Kind of late to the party, but I found this post in a search, and I have my own input on this topic. The P11 construct, or default ground prop, is UV mapped in the most ridiculous manner possible. Maybe I'm wrong, and there is a logical use for this scheme, but I can't make any sense of it. I make these type of domes all the time, and I do get a good blend between the background and the ground plane by painting over the seams. That is, my ground texture extends into the background a little at the bottom. I usually compost it in one large image and chop them into separate ones afterwards. I did export the P11 ground and open it up my UV software, and it looked pretty straight forward. But the results of my maps where very strange. The background always appears on both the ground and the background. I tried a couple of different methods to no avail. . I've been shooting 360 degree panoramas with my camera for a couple of years now, and I wanted to apply some of these to this prop. No big deal, just delete (or hide) the default ground and load in a custom one, but it would be nice to be able to use it as is.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    I have a freebie sky/ground MAT set for the construct which includes a "haze ring" which gives a reasonably smooth segue from sky to ground.

    P11 construct material sampler