Tip: How to get a Photoshop like ruler that snaps to vertical and horizontal lines in CSP

  • I never found the standard "ruler" (which is actually a line tool) in Clip Studio to be particulary useful for anything - and I have long been frustrated with not being able to snap horizontally and vertically with pressure sensitive brush strokes in any quick or efficient fashion. However, I have finally managed to find a workaround:

    1. Create a 1 point perspective ruler outside the canvas. I like to zoom out quite a bit and place it far away from the canvas so my working area does not get cluttered with unecessary lines. Place the vanishing point so that it is at a roughly 45 degree angle to the canvas. This minimizes the risk of drawing diagonal lines by accident.

    2. Assign a shortcut key to "Snap to Special Ruler".

    3. Now you can snap your brush to vertical and horizontal lines with a single keystroke just like in Photoshop!

    Hope that helps.

  • Ctrl+r brings up the canvas rulers. Drag horizontal and vertical guides from the rulers. Snap to those guides. Hide the guides by right clicking the ruler folder thumbnail in the layer palette and uncheck Show Rulers. Move the guides with the Object tool.


    Create a horizontal parallel ruler and vertical parallel ruler. Hold shift while dragging (ensure Step of Angle is checked in the tool properties) Hide the rulers any time by right clicking the ruler thumbnail and unchecking Show Rulers.

    You can also hide and show rulers using the Set Showing Area of Ruler button on the layer palette.

  • Hi garlam, I'm not sure if you understood my post correctly. The methods you suggest involves more steps and do not achieve what my suggested method does - allowing you to draw vertical and straight lines spontaneously anywhere on the canvas just like the shift constraint in Photoshop.

    With the canvas rulers you can not draw outside the ruler and you have to position them manually every time you need to draw a line in a new location. This might be ok if you know exactly where you want your straights and verticals be but it's cumbersome for sketching, which I use it for primarily. I have not found a way to make two sets of parallel rulers active at the same time. Is this possible?

  • I believe it's under the "Figure" tool>"Special Ruler">"Tool Property"> dropdown box, select "Paralell Line"

  • It's not possible to make two sets of rulers active although you can assign a shortcut keystroke to switch between the two (Ctrl+4 is the current shortcut for switching). To keep both the vertical and horizontal active at the same time, your use of a one point perspective ruler would be the only way I think. You can eliminate the vanishing point though, and keep it strictly horizontal and vertical by clicking the ball of the perspective ruler, right clicking and selecting Infinitize. To avoid having to set something like this up for each new canvas, you can drag the perspective layer into a Material Palette folder for re-use..