Project E Name Unveil

  • I think they're having trouble. I tried updating the video but more have reported lag

  • @erogenesis Well, I just went back to Renderosity and tried the link in your new thread there, but it's telling me:

    "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

    Make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly, or try searching Vimeo. You could also watch one of the videos below instead."

    So I did a search for you, and found a page with 4 videos, but it states:

    "You are not seeing 1 video here because you’ve enabled the mature content filter."

    So that may be the problem why I can't see it.

  • working again! I think they're just having sever issues

  • @erogenesis YES!! I just viewed it in your first post. Well done sir. ~wink~

  • thanks! and thanks everyone once more for the fun comments! <3

    @lsauvage said in Project E Name Unveil:

    @erogenesis You even can do the music ! I'm falling in love with you, what a pity Lali's got your hearth ;-)

    hahaha. yeah I need to share some of my music at some point. I have lots!

    @rokketman said in Project E Name Unveil:

    Did I see that right? ProjectEvolution? Way cool.

    you saw that right :)

    @morkonan said in Project E Name Unveil:


    Nicely done! You're doing public promo "right!" I love the animation inclusions showing the versatility of expression and highlighting how smooth they are.

    A highlight reel with about fifty-bajillion different faces, bodies, heights/builds, etc, all passing through one to another, popping with some different clothing, some without ;), etc... The sort of "overwhelming rapid-firing shotgun of too much information being fed to me" sort of thing that demands the viewer to click the "Learn More" button... Kind of like an "A-10 BRRRRRRrrrrrttt" approach blurb. - That would be cool.

    I like that idea! I'll see what I can do in the time I have haha

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    On the subject of names, I've always been utterly flummoxed by your user name. When I read, I silently hear the words. Your name confuses me. There are so many possible sounds it makes and I stop and try different ones EVERY F'ING TIME.

    e - sound like ear, air, err[or] or like the suffix in villager (4 choices)
    ro - sound like "rah" in erogenous or like row (2 choices)
    gen - almost certainly like in generous but could be gene (2 choices)
    es - same as in genesis or could be a hard e as in telekinesis (2 choices)
    is - thankfully only one reasonable variation here

    Then there are accent options (I always deem two are necessary)

    e' ro gen' esis (basically same as the words hero and genesis, drop the h)

    e' rogen es' is (like telekinesis)

    e ro' genes is'

    ero gen' es is'

    e ro' gen es' is

    So counting up we have 4 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 5

    160 reasonable pronounciations!!

    Please help me.

    P.S. - my daughters intentionally pronounce jalapeno like jalopy, ja lop' eno (with a j, not an h sound). It makes me shut down for 3 to 4 seconds every time.

    P.P.S - Damn I forgot to mention that either s could be a voiced fricative. Like the s in these or thieves.

  • Dear Mr. Bagginsbill,

    I can understand that such a kit-bashed name can throw an eloquent mind such as your own off, and I am therefore further thankful for my decision to use this pseudonym instead of my real Dutch name, which, considering the sheer intensity of your analysis, would have hospitalized you.

    To relieve you of your suffering, I am afraid that you have uncovered my secret: that I am a simpleton of note... oh and Dutch. Dutch people like slapping things together... I meant words... which is why you will see me write things like 'bodypart' instead of 'body part'. I guess you could compare it to the word 'Superman', which I thought to be grammatically incorrect. It should be 'super man', and the first letter not capitalized. Now I will not deny or confirm any insinuation of my choice to use the words 'bodypart' or 'Superman' have anything to do with my name (or abilities) but I vehemently choose not to capitalize the first letter of my name, as a sign of my humility... or my attempt at it.

    Henceforth I can proclaim that my pseudonym is pronounced merely 'ero genesis' but without the space, or 'Eh-row genesis'. 'Eh' as in 'Error', 'row' as in Rowan Atkinson, who by the way has a similar construction for a name in one of his more popular series 'Blackadder', or as Lord Flashheart (played by the late great Rik Mayal, may his soul rest in peace) called him: 'Slackbladder' (I cannot confirm whether that last modification was in fact attached without a space). The 'Genesis' part, as you might already infer from the capitalization of the 'g' refers to the act of creation, or something available for free that can turn into a cave troll for $22.

    The word Ero is derived from erotica, a state of being that lives between the lines of most human interactions, or rather 'Eros' (UK: /ˈɪərɒs, ˈɛrɒs/, US: /ˈɛrɒs, ˈɛroʊs/; Greek: Ἔρως, "Desire") who was the Greek god of sexual attraction. I am not Greek I was born in Malawi, and I will not comment on my divinity (NDA, etc). 'Genesis', (ˈdʒɛnɪsɪs/), meaning the origin or mode of formation of something, also make a good opening for some other options I have for my name, namely my future plans to make my own 3D application called 'erogenetics', or 'erogenesystem'.

    Alas I have to go, my girlfriend is telling me to take my pills.

    PS: I am honored to read that I get a moment of silence every time you hear my name. Paracetamol helps. Jack Daniels even better.

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    Good response. I only must add that you inadvertantly addressed me as Bagginsbill.

    The name is bagginsbill, also as a sign of humility, but everybody knows it's faked.

  • @bagginsbill said in Project E Name Unveil:

    Good response. I only must add that you inadvertantly addressed me as Bagginsbill.

    The name is bagginsbill, also as a sign of humility, but everybody knows it's faked.

    I humbly apologize.

    BTW, Poseidon called, he wants his fork back.

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    LOL. As long as you don't brag and don't send a bill. LOL.

    Hey, this is the net. Everybody can be a "wannabe don't wanna-bee". LOL.

  • I never thought I'd see IPA outside a linguistics forum that wasn't posted by myself. My life's dreams have been fulfilled. :D

  • @erogenesis

    Mr. ero, I watched the video.
    Evolution is so wonderful!
    The last woman is YAMATO!?
    I thought the goodness of the finish of Mongolia fold and the Double eyelid that spread out there are good workmanship
    Besides, I thought it was a very cute face than before.
    I'd like to create and distribute Morph characters as soon as possible.
    I can not wait until Christmas