Triggering an Object animation

  • Hi guys!
    New to MA and I'm not a coder, so I need some help to get started with triggering commands. I'm a visual artist and have done some similar stuff with websites in Macromedia Dreamweaver and Wix but they were always easy to add a Behavior. It's less clear how to do it with this program. I am quite familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop, but coding is still largely a foreign language to me!

    I'm basically just trying to create a multi-state button out of an object that swaps the original Object image for another image on mouseover (if that's possible), and replace that with another image when the Object is clicked. Or the click would trigger an animation.

    I know (I think) that I am supposed to select the object that triggers an event, then enter a code into the HTML Export
    Tap or Click box in the Layer Settings. I'm trying to trigger another object to appear, or replace the current Object, or start an animation. The manual says to use trigger:ObjectName, and the object I want to turn on (imported as a .psd layer) is called Circle Glow.
    So I've tried typing in trigger:Circle Glow - no luck
    I've tried trigger:CircleGlow, trigger:ObjectCircleGlow
    I've tried eliminating the space in the Object name so it's CircleGlow instead of Circle Glow.

    None of it works, so what am I doing wrong? Do I have to set something else before I do this step?
    Are there some essential settings I've missed?

    What's the code for triggering a specific animated action?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks you!