Noise add to layer.

  • I have a Raster layer and it is filled with a color, now how do I add noise to the layer without changing the color? Just adding monochrome noise on top of it. Thanks

  • add a new layer above and use the Perlin Noise filter to fill it with noise ( you will probably want to set the noise to be very fne) set the blend mode of that layer to "overlay" . if you want it all on the one layer then just merge down.

  • the above gives you tonal noise... if you want color variation that averages to your original color then that gets trickier.. One way is to go to that perlin noise layer and on the layer properties click the effect called Layer Color... set the two colors for that effect to be one at plus 90degrees on the color wheel from you fill color and the other color at minus 90 degrees of your fill color. Now set the blend mode of the perlin noise layer to vivid light and its opacity to 40% (other blend modes are worth experimenting with)

  • Thank you both that will work. Also I found out you can use layer properties> tone> noise in much the same way. apply to a duplicate layer then apply a blend overlay etc.Thanks again.