The differences in Antonia

  • I'm using Antonia as a character in a series of scenes and need to make clothing for her. I went to load her obj into my modeling program, and found I have over a dozen different obj files for her. I know some are old, and some are for weightmapped, and some are lo res ,etc. My question is for an armature for shaming the clothing around, does it matter which I use? Does anyone remember if there was that big of a difference?

  • as far as I know there have been no geometry changes.
    I do not know what you mean by 'an armature for shaming the clothing around'. Do you mean a rigging that you can use to make a conforming item?
    In that case the weightmapped version may be the one to go for.
    In my runtimes I have a set of dev rigs for AntoniaWM. not sure who made them.

  • There was a typo in that. I meant shaping, kind of like a dress maker's dummy. Using it to make sure the arms start out in the right spot and it follows that contours of the breast. I'm not planning on rigging this but using dynamics.

  • One geometry change that was there, again from the top of my head, was a change in breast size, but that was in a quite early stage, with the Standard or the WM version you should be fine then.

  • Ok, thanks. I was using the standard. It seems to be doing well.

  • Perfect.
    I have a fairly large collection of self made Antonia clothing, including avatars for Marvelous Designer so if you need anything for her let me know.

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    Any questions you have about Antonia ... look up "BlueEcho" or go to Sahani's World

  • I tested this morning. BlueEcho's site appears to be still in rebuild. I could not find the Antonia info there yet. The links lead to placeholder ads.

    Some stuff is on the Gooogle site:
    and is still available on RDNA.
    It was promised the Standard and Weight mapped versions would be supported there 'as long as there is demand for them', or something in that vein.

    If ContentParadise is resurrected it could be a good idea to take on support for this figure also.