Need some color math

  • I am creating a 2nd skin suit for Sydney G2. I posted some renders in the Superfly thread, but I want to create a mask to cover her face:

    I know how to create the mask for the specular highlights and keep them from affecting her face, but how do I create a mask so I can add a bump map to the mask and keep that from affecting her face. I don't need an 80 node solution, just something simple.
    Thank you!

  • Never mind. I figured it out. I added some displacement too...



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    @rokketman Use a mask -"mask", in the sense of a discriminatory B/W image map- to define where the face mask should be.
    Gamma should be set to 1 for the B/W discriminator mask image.
    0_1512393610061_B+W masks - use gamma 1.PNG

    Use a math functions node (set to multiply), and multiply bump times discriminator.
    0_1512393662540_limiting bump with a mask.PNG

    If you want both skin bump and facemask bump, use a blender (blending set to 1).
    0_1512393726715_limiting bump with a mask vs skin.PNG

    edit: Cross-posted while I was composing

  • Yeah, cousin, I am getting better and better at this stuff. Mostly because of your help. And, of course, BB and trial and error.