Looking for the creators of these 2 Dynamic hairs :

  • @Glitterati3D as @redphantom said, neither of those are dynamic. the files don't contain any hairGrowthGroups sections, which are mandatory for dynamic hair.

    The Neftis hair I mentioned is from my dynamic hair folder, but the strands on the scalp seem to be drawn backwards, rather than down, so it probably isn't a match. It's the only one I had with Wavy in the name that was dynamic hair.

  • The only people I know that many made much dynamic hair. I wasn't around quite that far back. Older creators I know of are Neftis, as anomalaus said, adorana and Colm. Colm's stuff is as Daz and adorana is at renderosity. I don't see those hairs there. I have no idea where Neftis's stuff is. It's possible whoever made those aren't still around.

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    Thank you all for the response, but no luck yet.

    Here a quick draft render of what I am searching into: The mapping of dynamic hair.

    I don't know yet what happened "after" Poser5 with the mapping of dynamic hairs, but these 2 from the 2002-2003 period are the only dynamic hairs I found where the ColorRamp works vertically.

    On "more recent dynamic hair" the same ColorRamp works left to right or front to back.

    Tja, as a last effort, I can always re-install Poser5, see what happens, and continue searching.

    Thanks for the efforts so far. Tony

  • @redphantom the other vendor names I see in my P5 Dynamic Hair folders are HMann (who used Don and Judy as mannequins.
    There were a bunch of SkullCaps by PhilC and I have another called
    0_1512478295452_Au Natural Hair.png Au Natural Hair
    NeilP also had some dynamic hair.

    The other hit I get for Wavy Hair is a 2004 product from DAZ by LisaB, but I'm pretty sure that's not dynamic.

    Au Natural Hair is dynamic. Here's an excerpt from the readme:
    Au Natural for Victoria 2 & 3
    (c)2003 Jonathan Fesmire

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    If anybody finds another dynamic hair where the ColorRamp works vertically, please let us know.
    Thanks so much , Tony

  • @vilters Tony, typically, one would have used the Hair node (here on the Au Natural Hair)
    0_1512479511491_Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.07.22 am.png
    Which is what you see on the upper portion of the following render, where I've used your colour ramp technique with a power curve modification of the v-coordinate to highlight the visible colour change.
    0_1512479607670_Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.10.24 am.png

    Are you looking for colour variation along the hair length, or based on the UV position of the hair root, which is what I think may be happening here, with the hairs having their colour based on where they grow from?

    When I apply the same texture to all the hair groups, I get this:
    0_1512479967722_Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.18.35 am.png

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    Yep, that's exactly what I see on newly created dynamic hair too.

    The ColorRamp in the material room shows a vertical color change.
    The preview in the material room shows a vertical color change.

    The actual hair goes from front-to back. => While it "should" go from root to tip.

  • @vilters I edited my post to add another preview render.

    I wonder if it's worth trying to re-UV-map the skullcap for the hair which doesn't work the way you want it to.

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    That' s it.
    That is why so many dynamic hairs did not support the ColorRamp procedure.

    Simply duplicating the head geometry to "build" the scullcap is not enough.
    => You also have to unwrap it again to make it cover the whole UV-slot so the ColorRamp node can do it's thing.

    Here a 5 samples test-render with a properly unwrapped scullcap.
    Now it's jut a matter of finding the correct vertical balance between the vertical unwrap and the ColorRamp.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Yep, shifting the UV's vertically (Blenders UV sculpting tools) gives you the control over where the color blending happens.

  • To use a colorramp with Superfly, don't use a v_texture node, use a hair info node and plug the intercept into the input

    0_1513475928005_ramp 1.JPG


    0_1513475955187_ramp 2.JPG


    0_1513475977475_hair and color ranp 1.png


    0_1513476003185_hair and color ranp 2.png

    respectively. Then you don't have to remap all or your skullcaps. But note, the colors on the hair match the ramp top to bottom rather than bottom to top like on Tony's.

  • I have both of these hairs.
    Simple Latina Hair is by tigee. The zip is called "LatinaJudy_addon_2178.zip".
    Wavy Hair is by Stephen Ray. The zip is called "judyhr2.zip". This seems to have been released at the same time as Judycr2.zip, Judymat.zip, Judymaps.zip and Judypz2.zip as they contain the same readme file.