Anyone heard of TAFA?

  • I came across this interesting piece of software the other day. It supports Poser CR2 files and it is a lip syncing program similar to Mimic.
    I've been around Poser for a long time and had never heard of it before. I believe it supports many 3D programs, not just for Poser.

  • Hmm... I understood up to the part about reading Poser CR2 file... but I couldn't get how to get the animation back to Poser. It says the importing 3D appl needs to suport MDD - and also has plugins for XSI, Maya and 3DS Max.

  • Although the other page says: " TAFA generates output files in LightWave Morph Mixer, Motion Designer (MDD), Poser PZ2, and a simple text format"

  • There is a link to this page: where you can download a video. I found the video to be pretty interesting, but still a lot of questions about this. The sound on the video is pretty annoying at first, until the guy gets it put together. It is a totally different workflow than Mimic, and seems to be more powerful. I'm pretty sure you would need phoneme morphs and facial expressions, but maybe this program can create them. The program can save Poser pz2 files and read Cr2 supposedly. There is a demo with a help file that explains a lot. I plan on trying it out, but I am busy with another project right now, so in a couple of weeks maybe. I don't want to start the trial until I have time to really give it a good test.