1.7.1 update

  • Well i can't find [real G-pen] tool. There isn't any tool with this name in Pen tab.

  • @Abe32 That sucks. Mine is there. Just updated yesterday. All my settings are fine, the new stuff popped up, and I found all the new drawing utensils.
    Maybe you can update again?

    0_1513876372261_Screenshot 2017-12-21 09.10.59.png

  • BTW... the new "Real" G pen and Pencil just use the same engine as all the other brushes.. They do use Tilt ( which they did not used to even though it was available ), and that tilt control has been enhanced in this version so that you can use pressure and tilt together more easily on a given control...... its a nice feature but I think they have used it incorrectly on the so called REAL brushes. They have set it so the brush gets bigger when the pen is more vertical .... In the "real" world pencils and pens get narrower when vertical and fatter when horizontal...... my advice would be to reset the tilt curve on those brushes to the mirror image of that which they have provided. The Pen tip on the Real G pen is no longer a circle ...but that just gives it a slightly dirty edge.... but if you wanted clean lines you would not want that and if you wanted grubby lines its not grubby enough.... That said the enhanced Tilt is surprisingly good ( if you have a tablet that supports tilt)... e.g. I made a "Real" Sable brush in which I leveraged the new tilt on both brush size and on thickness.......and its really good.

  • Can someone export it and upload it? To avoid re-update?
    Thank you very much.

  • So overall, how does everyone like the update?

  • One issue I has is that after using one tool for a longer time it suddenly stops working. If I shift to another tool and back again it will work again.


  • @Micmac do you think it's the actual program? I wonder if the 1.7.2 might fix it

  • @888toto Well RareWill helped me to solved my problem, you can download the whole Tools package from Clipstudio.net/en site

  • @RareWill said in 1.7.1 update:

    @Micmac do you think it's the actual program? I wonder if the 1.7.2 might fix it

    Im on Mac. The 1.7.2 release was a fix for a problem with Windows.


  • @Micmac My bad, I didn't think about the Mac iOS