Help w Marvelous Designer to Poser Dynamics.

  • A few questions for any users proficient in both Marvelous Designer and Poser.

    1. How to keep seams when going from MD to Poser?
    2. How to keep zippers when going from MD to Poser?
    3. Are quad better for dynamics than tris in Poser?
    4. Any other tips for optimal performance.

    I have the latest version of both and I’m primarily using dynamic clothing, but tips on conforming are also welcome. Thank you.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    It's handy to make a displacement or bump/normal map for the seams.
    So basically your stitching is in your textures then.
    Stitchwitch, Zbrush and/or Photoshop are very handy for those.

    For dynamics triangle meshes always give a better drape then quads in my opinion.

    Try to find a balance in output mesh density, try around 7-10 for final output.
    The default 20 gives bigger polygons, which is good when you are building the clothingitem.
    The smaller the density the finer the folds, also dependant on the kind of fabric one applies.

  • @Biscuits Thanks for responding I'll give the bump map for seams a go.

  • Seams solved with the bump map method. (Thanks Biscuits)

    Poser simulation won't allow for zippers, top-stitches, or pipping. All suggestions welcome.