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  • Probably a really stupid question, but where can I find a link to download the download manager?

    I have owned Poser since version 6 and was on the Poser 11 beta team until I dropped because I couldn't get into the forums for it. Emails to support didn't help so I just bought it and update with the manager but now I want to move Poser Pro 11 over to my new computer. My original computer is 9 years old and it's time to update.

    I can not find a link to the download manager while browsing on my new computer. Things just look different for some reason.

    Would be nice to have Poser Pro 11 installed before my other computer dies on me. Thanks.

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  • Oh my gosh...DUH! I never even thought to look in updates. Thank you so much!

  • @wimvdb Will that work for Poser 10 users? Or is there a special version of the Download Manager for older versions?

    I tried downloading and installing the Download Manager from the link. I installed it, but when I run it, it crashes.

    I am running an older mac (Mac OS X 10.6.8). It runs Poser 10 just fine, but not the Download Manager.

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    @jschwartz DLM will work for both P10 and P11.

  • @seachnasaigh What is the System Requirements fo DLM for Mac?

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    @jschwartz We need a Mac user to address this. Anyone?

  • @seachnasaigh Uhhh... I don't see any system requirements for SM's Download Manager itself for any platform. The download is free from @wimvdb 's link, so my suggestion would be download it and see if it runs. It will probably take less time to do than trying to find possibly non-existent documentation on what OS and hardware platform requirements are.

    If by "System Requirement" you are not, in fact, referring to Operating System, but relevant and DLM supported versions of Poser, I don't imagine it will be any different for the Mac versions of Poser than PC versions. On the understanding that since Apple dropped support for PowerPC binaries in it's latest Intel Only OS releases, you wouldn't be able to execute Poser 7 binaries even if Download Manager would deliver them to you. The oldest release I have installed and can currently execute is Poser Pro 2010 (

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