pen doesn't work anymore after windows update

  • Hello

    After a recent windows update my pen doesn't work anymore.
    after looking at forums and videos, i noticed that nobody else has the problem
    i have this problem with manga studio, and photoshop. the cursor shows when in windows, but when i click something in photoshop or manga studio the cursor goes away.
    it isn't a problem with the tablet because it works in windows drawings programs exept for manga studio and photoshop.

    Does anyone experience the same problems or has a solution?

    with kind regards,


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    You are far more likely to get an answer by asking in the Manga Studio forum, not the general comments & feedback forum, which is mostly about the administration and use of this website.

  • I moved this thread.

    As far as your pen goes, you should give a bit more info on the hardware in question.

    Is it a wacom? etc. Op system, etc