How to drag guides from rulers onto current layer?

  • I have a document with a few layers on it. I want to add some horizontal guides to help me like up key points in two figures I've sketched. I have the rulers visible at the boarders of my image and am trying to create horizontal guides by dragging from the rulers into the drawing area (which is also the way Photoshop does it). Unfortunately, the guides are not added to my current layer but to the original layer that existed when the document was first created. This keeps happening even if I change the order of the layers. How can I create guides on my current layer?

  • I believe that dragging the guides from the ruler creates a new layer with a Guides ruler folder attached. I don't think there's a way of changing that. You can create guides on an editing layer using the Guides Special Ruler though (you have to go to the Sub Tool Detail Palette and check Create At Editing Layer first).

  • Another option would be to duplicate drag the Guide ruler folder onto the editing layer in the layer palette.