Getting started with making my own clothes

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm sure you get this kind of topic a lot, so I'm really sorry to bore you, but...

    I just purchased Poser Pro 11 and I'm hoping to use it in conjunction with Blender to make my own outfits. However, I'm struggling to find any good tutorials on the subject and what I can find is often a good 5 years old, which probably means its not the best resource for me.

    Do you have any advice? Or, more importantly, do you know of any great tutorials for getting started with this. I am open to paid tutorials, but I'd rather not change to something like Maya.

    Thanks in advance!

  • What are you looking for tutorials on? Blender? Or modeling in general? I am not quite sure what you are asking for...

  • Your best starting point is probably dynamic clothing, since that side-steps a lot of the complications involved in making conforming clothes. There's still modelling, UV mapping and texturing to occupy your mind, but if you need a leg-up with the modelling you could start with one of my QuickSuits or QuickDresses. This is how I do UV mapping in case that's useful; Blender is quite capable of doing that job. I also have tutorials on conforming clothing, but they're quite possibly among those outdated ones you've already found.

    It's a big field, and as @rokketman says it would help to know which part you need help with.

  • @rokketman Yes Blender tutorials, but specifically blender in relation to Poser. There are lots of general Blender tutorials out there and I intend to make full use of them, but I was after some explanations of how to go about making my own clothes for Poser - things like getting a reference figure into blender, what to do from there? what needs to be transferred back? All of these issues have been confusing me.

  • @englishbob Ok thanks for the advice. Those links you gave do look useful and the kind of thing I'm after. I'm not wanting to make extravagant clothes, just get underway with making my own stuff. Bodysuits and stuff are more my style anyway. Hopefully the extra information I have provided in my reply to rokketman helps.

  • To make dynamic clothing,
    For importing figures into Blender, import the original file, or a copy of it. Don't export from Poser. It might not be in to correct place. Use these settings:


    You will probably want to scale up the figure 10 times. Many of the blender functions work better when you aren't using Poser's microscopic scale.

    Once you've modeled, make sure all vertices are welded and uv map the clothes, then use these settings to export it:


    If you didn't scale up the figure, leave the scale at 1.

    Import into poser using these settings:


    The clothes can be textured and saved as a prop. Use the cloth room to drape the clothing.

    Conforming clothing is similar but needs to be grouped and bones added. I don't know how to do that. I just use the fitting room to do that. It's not bad for my own stuff but if you're looking to sell, it might need more work.

  • @redphantom wow thats really useful info redphantom. thanks heaps. that is exactly the kind of thing I wanted help with

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    @redphantom said in Getting started with making my own clothes:

    Don't export from Poser. It might not be in to correct place. Use these settings:

    The newer figure models are in .obz format. They have to be unzipped to .obj before most other programs will read them. Not sure if blender can read a .obz file.

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    Start here, and look at the 7 video's in the Poser2Blender2Poser series.

    PS : Video2 is partially a duplicate of video1 for those that have a "standard" non Pro Poser version.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Thanks for those videos, Vitters, I'll be sure to put them to good use.

    Thanks everyone for your help, this thread has really helped me a lot