GPU Acceleration with 1 GPU, SLI or IGP

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    My desktop computer has 2 x GTX970 in SLI. I currently have a Huion GT-191 connected via the IGP and SLI going to my Asus VG248QE. I tried large watercolor brush on the GT-191 and it lagged pretty hard. I tried running the GT-191 on 1 GTX970 and breaking the SLI, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I looked for a setting to "enable" GPU acceleration, but nothing popped out at me. I'm quite new and in the 30 day trial of the software. I like it so far, and leaning towards purchasing. Thoughts on why it was so slow for me? I probably won't be using such large watercolor brushes in normal use, but just seeing if there was something I could do.

    PC Specs:
    i7 4790k
    16gb Ram
    2 x GTX970
    SSD... blah blah blah.... the rest isn't essential I guess.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm afraid clip doesn't use GPU calculations for brushes at all at this point - it utilizes them for GUI things, and operations such as canvas rotation, and image view flipping without re-rendering pixels in a mirrored state.

    I'm not sure which watercolor brush you are referring to; if it uses paint blending, it will lag sooner than brushes that use glazes of dry paint.

    you can help brush lag by increasing brush spacing (customizable by going to window -> subtool details -> stroke), there're three default presets there and a 4th one where you enter custom brush spacing value in pixels.

  • @nekomata Thank you for responding. I wish they did have GPU acceleration, but otherwise they have all the other essential items it appears. Now to find an "Idiot's Guide" to the software to speed up my learning curve. I just ordered the "EX" version and "MotionArtist". I can't wait till they arrive!

  • it might be coming later.... it shouldn't be too difficult to implement (clip studio is using the basic dab-based brushes without depth processing or other kinds of simulations going on, GPUs can speed up calculations for this sort of brush rendering pretty efficiently; painter or artrage are a bit different in that regard).

    clip is pretty straight-forward if you are familiar with any other painting app (it feels like bits of painter, photoshop, and paint tool sai stitched together), the only really unobvious thing about it is brush creation, watch this video first if you are planning to make your own ones:

    other than that, pretty simple stuff...

    also, have you tried paintstorm studio if you are looking for GPU accelerated painting apps?
    that one is written from scratch to utilize graphics card as a part of its engine, therefore its brushes are natively gpu-driven, I believe

    it's also very inexpensive, under $ 30, or so, for a lifetime license.