SM produced poser content.

  • @Teyon
    If it is considered imporant to mime the 'look' of an older figure, yes then I can understand the use for Jessi face morph for Pauline.
    Unless there is a need to express which figure I used (as for recognition of a supporting item) I usually try to get away from the default face look. So for me the Jessi morph for Pauline would be nice to have but not necessary.

    As for the bodies: The fitting room does a reasonably good job in re-rigging. If the geometry conversion, the most difficult bit, can be skipped because the Pauline body shaped to Jessi's curves already matches the geometry of extant Jesssi stuff updating the it for the re-incarnated figure would/should be a breeze.
    So far for the legacy.

    It would be good to have some form of roadmap. Indeed where do we go from here.
    For the future figures sure there is no need to change base body proportions every new generation. While we're at it, also stick to one UV mapping until there are good technological reasons to change to a new mapping.

  • @F_Verbaas All well and good, but useless unless the rigging is fixed on all the SM figures.

    I don't care what clothing fits a poorly rigged figure, I still won't use it.

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    I wasn't talking about projecting the old figures on to a new mesh. I don't see much point in that. What I meant was using the new master figure to host a new generation of the legacy characters with updated looks. G2 Jessi doesn't look exactly like G1 Jessi. Miki 2 doesn't look exactly like Miki 4, but looking at them, you can tell they are the same character. And each character would have its own body shape, pulled from that master mesh.

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    Would there be interest in G2 poses and textures?
    I have pondered sets for a while, but have not released them as there did not seem to be a lot of enthusiasm.
    I had been working on some poses to go with the Ancient Rulers and Career clothing sets (Viking poses and Knight poses like the ones I made for M4, some naval and military poses).
    I was also considering some textures.

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    @kageryu Well they won't earn you anything just sitting on your hard drive ;)

    I say try putting them on CP. There is usually someone looking for new G2 content, and SM has been putting their mega bundle on sale at least once a year, that includes a lot of G2 stuff, so I'm sure people are still buying it. Maybe update some of them for Paul and Pauline too.

    I'm always finding stuff I did for different figures and completely forgot about, stuck in some folder somewhere. Or sometimes I remember it, but don't realize how far along the project was until I look at it again. Of course it's rare I find something I actually finished, lol.

  • @kageryu

    Does it cost anything to vendor at CP? If not I'd say vendor the stuff, if it sales, then you've got a little bit of pocket money. If not, have you really lost anything? (well maybe your time and it's up to you the value of that).

  • @johndoe641 said in SM produced poser content.:

    I have a lot of older SM content I bought at CP like the G2 sportswear with props and the Miki2 cop/maid outfits with their props and I just rediscovered all of it and realized how good the products are. What I would love to see on CP are more items of clothing and props/smart props made for the SM line of figures. Maybe even update the Miki2 stuff for Miki4. (though I know I bought all these older products on CP, I don't see them on my purchased list anymore for some reason)

    CP redid their site several years ago and the old site's order history didn't come across to the new site. The old history was available for a time on a different url, but i don't recall what it was.....

  • @rlowens68
    As far as I know it does not cost money but of course you need to give your info and you need to fill in some forms CP needs to get things arranged with the US tax office.

  • @rlowens68 I haven't actually made anything new for CP in a while, but to answer your question, NO, it costs nothing to vendor at CP. You even get the lions share of what sells. The biggest problem CP faces right now is a perception problem. People don't consider CP a good place to buy content from, and there are several factors, as I have heard from others, contributing to that perception.

    1. Is their download policy.
    2. Is the lack or perceived lack of quality control.
    3. Is the lack of promotion and marketing. Funny thing is, I get plenty of email from SM for software, absolutely NONE for any content on sale .

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    I thought I had replied days ago - but it appears, somehow, this got lost in my browsers form history and never sent (because when I go to reply now, the following pops up already typed out from days ago...and I know I hit send...):
    @AmbientShade The finished part is where it get's tricky. I would need to finish them up, make some promos, etc... and lately it seems I am always behind on other projects and things I want to accomplish (so much I had planned for RDNA that never got finished or released...much has an unsure future now).

    I have a pretty good stock of the older G2 outfits (just missing the time traveler series I believe) - so once I finish the sets I am working on for Rendo and Hivewire, I will dig these poses out again and see where they stood in terms of completion.

    With Pauline/Paul I need to get used to them first. I haven't used them much yet as they do not have the morphs and costumes I need for my project. Just too far behind.

    I will try to go through my collection of Poser Figure supporting poses and put some sets together this month.