help with saving files

  • can someone help me with an issue I am having. I went through creating a walk cycle did the key frames then adjusted as needed. Went to save and followed the instructions I was shown in tutorials. I wanted to make sure it saved everything .
    When I went to open the file to continue working on it , it had justsaved last frame iwas on when I was working on key frames.
    How do I save the whole animation I was working on. Do I have to render it first. (I was just going by preview animation), and if I render it first then save can I work on still? It wasn't lot off frames as such but new to this but took me a while and kind of frustrating. Sure every on here understands.
    Also could anyone recommend a good editing software to edit clips together

  • From the file menu, File / Save saves your work. Also if you try to close Poser without saving, it will warn you if you want to save your work.

    There's no need to render.

    What did you do as "Went to save and followed instructions"?

  • I think I was moving the camera and nor realizing I was doing it. Kind of hard to keep eye on all.
    I have a question again. If I just copied one cycle from a walk I created in walk creator. Then added a few key frames at beginng and end would that work I just want the person to walk and problem was feet slipping . WAS hoping this way would work

  • This is one of the reasons why I love the use of Camera Dots!

    I do it all the time and need to restore the Camera using the Dots. You can also use the Animation Palette to clear the keyframes on the Camera if it is just a couple added to a custom position of a Camera.

    If you have not changed the Camera from default, you can use the Restore Camera to clear it back to default.