collision detection

  • I renember collision detection has been introduced with Poser 5. You will find it in the Property tab. I can recall, that it worked, but mostley it crashes my computer, most likle because of taking to much computer resources. This could be the reason, why nobody make use of it. But what is it today, after allmost 15 years? I tested it. A primitive sphere and a pyramid. Checked both collision detections and .... nothing. In Poser 5, doing this the props did not intersect. In Poser 11 checking collision detection does nothing. It seems to be thrown over board. Objects with collision detection checked intersect. Just grab the spere and put it into the pyramid. It should not be possible, as it wasn't in Poser 5.

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    Are you sure that you the collision property set on both props AND turned on Collision detection for the scene itself?

  • @wimvdb Ahm no... ;-) thanks for posting. I will try that. The reason I asked that is, that during creating scenes it is sometimes a PITA to avoid unwanted intersection and a real time collision detection comes in very handy here.

  • O.k. thanks. This works. I've only checked the parameter tab. It has been a while, that I tried ti use this feature.