Hope Poser 11.1 will include missing Cycles nodes.

  • Okay, so thanks to phdubrov, I got the node group problem under control.

    Hmm, something went horribly wrong. I rebult a couple of the shader s from Chocofur in Poser. But as I said, Cycles is somewhat crippled in Poser by the lack of several nodes. So I tried substituting the HSV node for the RGB Curves node. Then made the Diffuse color input red. So naturally it came out green.

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    I've been waiting for you to show a specific failed setup. Setting "diffuse color" to red and getting green is impossible. However, setting a subtract color to red would totally get green.

    Why don't you show some specific nodes you're trying to reproduce and I can help with those specific nodes.

    I have never suffered from lack of the RGB curves, because I know how to make any curve with math.

  • @bagginsbill The reason I haven't posted any node set ups is because it's a pain. I'm on a laptop, so, small screen anyway. Then for some reason these compound input and output nodes jump around like Mexican jumping beans, so I have to arrange them so I can easily follow the node connections myself. I'll see if I can accommodate you though.