Poser Physics 2012 won't install. Ideas anyone?

  • I'm running Poser Pro 2012 64-bit in updated Win 7 Pro Edition 64 bit (Yes, I have the disc version for PP 2014 but have not installed that upgrade yet as I'm still finishing a lpong project I started in PP 2012. No plans on upgrading to PP 11 until sometime has passed).

    Anyway, I purchased Poser Physics 2012 during their recent Thanksgiving sale but I get stuck in a loop when I try to install it.

    Whenever I attempt to make the installation of Physics, I click on its install logo and get a message that says, "Poser could not be found on this system; ... Please click OK if you would like to manually locate your copy of Poser."

    So, I click okay and I see a directory screen asking for Poser's location. I locate Poser and click Okay. Then, the same window pops up again, asking me to find Poser. It's correct location is already selected. And I hit Okay again. Then, the same window pops up again, asking me to find Poser. It's correct location is already selected. And I hit Okay again. etc etc etc. Again & again & again.

    Finally, I click "cancel" instead of "okay", and I get a screen that says, "Setup is not complete. If you exit now, the program will not be installed. You may run Setup again at another time to complete the installation."

    I hit "yes" and exit set up. If I hit "no", I get the "where is Poser?" screen again.

    The installation fails on two different computers that I have, so I don't buy that the applet is okay.

    I've tried initiating the install in administrator modes and in Windows diagnostic modes. No difference.

    Has anyone else ever encountered this and, if so, how did you resolve it?

    Smith Micro is now totally ignoring my communications.

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    This is a shot in the dark, but if I recall correctly some add-ons that required you to locate the Poser.exe file at installation did not accept the PoserPro.exe, so you had to create a dummy file in the directory called Poser.exe in order to get the add-on to install. Might try that.

    Also, Poser Pro 2014 has built-in physics, as does Poser 11 Pro. You PP2012 files should still work just fine in 2014 and 11 pro, just in case you can't get the physics plugin to work for 2012.

  • Thank you, AmbientShade, but I tried adding the Poser.exe file and no go. Still have the same problem.

    Content Paradise's description of Poser Physics 2012 states that it's for Poser 9 & 10 and Poser Pro 2012 & 2014 -- so I didn't realize the features were part of PP 2014.

    What's that about?

    Smith-Micro has ignored my request for a refund.

    This is very poor Customer Service on their part.

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