Will a boxed copy of Manga Studio 5 Ex allow me to download and licence Clip Studio Paint EX?

  • I'm interested in buying a boxed copy of Manga Studio 5 EX. Will I be able to licence and activate Clip Studio 1.5.4 with the enclosed serial number and most crucially be able to get a discount when upgrading to the next version of Clip Studio EX?

    Will I be able to download from http://www.clipstudio.net/en or will the download have to come from Smith Micro Software?

    Many thanks.

  • I had MS5EX for a few years and just downloaded the trial version of CSP (CSP Pro and EX are the same version - it's the serial number that unlocks the EX features). I entered my MS5EX serial number and it registered. As long as your boxed version has a valid serial number, you should be able to use it. If the version you have is EX then you will get CSP EX when you enter your serial number. There won't be any need for you to get a discount. The updates are free. (unless you're talking about some sort of hypothetical CSP SuperEX version that may come out - in that case, you would be in the same boat as the rest of us; hypothetically getting the upgrade discount).

  • Thank you. This is exactly what I hoped would be the case and what was hinted at on this site, but there wasn't a definitive FAQ answer on the issue, which I found surprising.

    My question about the upgrade was to do with when the next EX version comes out. I wanted to make sure that if I bought the boxed copy now that I would in line to get the upgrade in future at a discount.

    My only other question would be, have you found you have the same limitation of two activations? I have four machines that I can use at any time and I was hoping for a setup where I could install it on all of them. I could activate each time (providing it was as easy as Creative Cloud makes it) when I go over two, but I don't really want to have to type a serial number every day when I move from couch, to desk, to office.

  • Each program has a two install limit.
    It appears after activating the CSP EX download with the MS5EX serial numbers that both MS5EX installations still work. I only have two machines so the two copies of CSP are all I need but the MS5EX installations are still working on those two machines so it would seem to me that you could have MS5 on two machines and the CSP installations on two machines. Be aware that with CSP 1.5.4 a new file system (.clip) is generated (prior to 1.5.4 the .lip files were heavily bloated and the new files sizes are reduced with this latest update).
    You won't have backwards compatibility with CSP files which could make a work pipeline difficult. Also it's possible that if you wanted to move the MS5EX installations in the future that the serial numbers may not work. For example, the software has a two installation limit and to move the software to another machine you have to uninstall from one machine before moving the software. The serial number needs to be entered again once moved. At that point it may be that the serial number registers as having been used twice (counting the two CSP installs rather than counting the MS5 installs) and so you may be told to uninstall one of the other two installations of CSP before continuing. Or maybe it will just allow you to continue using the MS5 install on the new machine - I don't know. I haven't been able to test that.
    MS5EX won't be getting any updates from here on out so it will be left as is. Not being able to use the files from CSP in MS5 may make it fairly obsolete soon. So consider it the end of the road for that version.