Poser 11 Upgrade - Payment Via Insecure Connection ??

  • Firefox 57.0.2 tells me that the webpage from which I'm trying to make the payment is insecure, so I aborted...


    What's going on ?

  • It also offered me (well, added without asking me) an extended download (2 years) for $8.68.

    I understood that the program itself (i.e. Poser) did NOT have the 30-day limit for download.

  • Just tried with Google Chrome. It also tells me that the connection is insecure:


    But I think I saw something about "establishing a secure connection" in the status bar.

    So the same question - what's going on ?

  • The extended download is always enabled, just disable it before checkout.
    As a suggestion, look at the path where the download manager saves files and the copy the .exe files somewhere.
    I have a backup disk where I always save all the stuff I buy.

  • @fonpaolo Thanks. My point was that an extra charge for a 2 year extended download service should NOT be automatically added to the purchase of the Poser software itself. You'd be paying extra for nothing since there is no time limit for downloading the program itself (unless they've changed that since the big switcheroo earlier this year).

  • But the main point of this topic is the insecure connection. I click the big orange "Secure Checkout" button on the bottom right of the order details page and it takes me to a page that has "Secure Checkout By Fastspring" top left in green (with a nice green closed padlock icon to 'prove'* it's secure), but the browser tells me the connection is not secure.

    I think I've sussed what's going on but I'm hoping that somebody from SM will confirm...

    *prove? ;o)

  • @3dcheapskate IIRC content paradise has same prices and has secure (as through https) checkout.

  • @phdubrov Thanks. Yes, the price is the same there - $49.95 to upgrade from Poser 6 or later to Poser 11 or Poser 11 Pro.
    (I was wondering why I wasn't asked to log in first at SM - I was actually thinking of CP)

  • I have to say that I just upgraded to Poser Pro 11 a few days ago, didn't noticed the "insecure" tag... and I use Chrome.

    edited to add: the email I received was stating the "offer" was for a very limited time... and it's still discounted. O_o

  • @fonpaolo Clicking on on the green "Secure Checkout By Fastspring" prompts a small popup saying that the payment is taken through a secure URL. I've assumed that they're telling the truth and upgraded via SM. Just before phdubrov posted about CP. So I just logged into my CP account where the SM order now shows up as 'captured'.

    I find it bizarre that SM use a secure connection for me to post to this forum...
    ...but for the page where you enter credit card details they've managed to somehow set up a secure connection that the browser sees as insecure.

    Anybody from SM going to explain ?

  • Here's the popup about the secure URL


    This seems really bad practice to me. After all, the usual advice is to check that the URL in the address bar starts https:// and/or shows a padlock icon. (by the way - it's exactly the same issue with Google Chrome - I just checked)

  • @3dcheapskate Even though the store domain is "insecure" (it uses http instead of https the same as my website http://lostastronaut.com ) the content delivery network uses FastSpring servers, so the credit card information flows securely via FastSpring's PCI-compliant credit card processing services. I assure you it is secure. It is not necessary for the store itself to have an https address. (In the future perhaps this should change but aside from the contents of your cart, the rest of the information is indeed secure as far as I can tell from viewing the source code on the checkout form.)

  • Thank you. That's the conclusion I'd come to.