Moho install

  • I bought the Moho Debut 12 for my son and we do not have a disc drive. Will I be sent a link of some sort?

  • Hi there, if you purchased a physical copy you can use the license/serial number to download digitally.

    Download Installers are provided as a Free Order through our store as a software update.

    The License Key must be entered exactly as it appears with all the letters capitalized and no spaces (including leading and trailing spaces). Note that there are no capital letter O's in the License Key – they are all the Number Zero.

    Installation instructions for Moho using software update:
    • First go to the applicable link provided below:
    o Moho Pro 12 –
    o Moho Debut 12 –
    • Enter the Serial Number (i.e. License Key) and click Continue. Once validated, start the checkout process to obtain the download for the installer.
    • Download the installer for your Operating System version.
    • Once downloaded, run the installer, launch the software, and follow the prompts to set up the Custom Content location and activate the software.