Why, after I updated to the latest DLM, does it now error on my Poser pro 2014 S/N ?

  • A couple of years ago I installed Poser Pro 2014 via DLM.
    When I came to install Poser Pro 11 I started by running DLM with the old Poser Pro 2014 S/N. DLM ran with no problem, but it simply said that there was a required update to DLM.
    So I downloaded and installed the DLM update.
    When I reran the updated DLM using my old Poser Pro 2014 S/N it threw up this...

    (When I ran the updated DLM with my new Poser Pro 11 S/N it worked as it should and gave me a list of available downloads)

    So why doesn't the latest DLM like my old Poser Pro 2014 S/N ?

  • DLM appears to be temperamental today - it's just accepted the Poser Pro 2014 S/N