Can't buy from Contentparadise

  • When I try to check out, it gives me a message like "ZIP must match credit card".

    I don't have a credit card and the ZIP code is in Germany,
    I thought you could pay with Paypal which is kind of a standard payment.

    Anybody else having this problem?
    Is there a solution? I filed a support ticket but its weekend coming.

  • That message is only there as a reminder when you’re entering your billing information. It’s not an error that will prevent you from placing your order. Sorry for the confusion!

  • But I was unable to proceed to the next step and the field for the ZIP code was marked with this sentence. IDK, maybe I'll try another time

  • The message is just a reminder to match your zip code when entering your billing info. There is no error that is occurring, you should be able to proceed.

  • Now it worked - I forgot to check some checkbox that I thought was optional, like "store billing adress" or something