Poser 11 content download via DLM fails - "Too Many Stalls"

  • I successfully downloaded the program itself and the first two content installers yesterday, but since then every attempted download of the remaining installers ends up with this...


    How do I get around this ? (just keep trying till it works perhaps ?)

  • Solved - my LAN connection wasn't working and I'd somehow turned on the wifi.

  • @3dcheapskate Just to be clear - it was the wifi that seemed to be causing the problem. Once I got the wired LAN working and turned off the wifi everything downloaded without a hitch.

  • @3dcheapskate I'm really happy to hear you've solved your download issues. There are too many others, however, experiencing download problems for all of them to be due to local network faults. "Too many stalls" errors can only be attributable do DDOS type overloading of the server, or some other kind of ISP fault. Many are successfully downloading the application installers with no trouble, only to be baulked at getting the Nude Figures installer.