Rethinking the Runtime: To merge or not to merge

  • I can't be the only long time user who still wrestles with what to put in my runtime and what to leave out. Obviously Poser expects things to be there and works best when things are in there. There's little reason not to put Poser specific content in the runtime.
    However, Poser isn't the only program I use. It's not even the only 3D program I use. After years of organizing my textures and reference images outside of Poser I finally decided that it made more sense to put all of my textures in my runtime as that is where Poser seems to prefer they be located. But following a HD crash that wiped out a few months of unusually ambitious projects I took a break from Poser. In that time I started looking at game asset creation, began using "power of two" textures, and exploring deep dream/machine learning image processing. Next thing I knew I had 812 images in 42 folders, everything from "backdrops" to 'wood" including stuff like "grain and grime" and "mechanical and biomechanical", and all of it totally unrelated to Poser.
    So here we are at the end of 2017, and I've just upgraded to the latest version of Poser and am looking forward to using an exciting new figure, a new PBR plug-in and some of Snarlygribbly's stuff that debuted around the time I went on hiatus.
    So my problem again... I've got a folder with 812 images in 42 folders on my work drive. I've got 1,967 files in 75 folders in a folder called "work textures" in the textures folder of my "Project" runtime. I've got two runtimes, one called PoserPro 2014 which has a total of 3,293 files in 262 folders in just the texture folder and the other having 5,333 files across 366 folders in its texture folder.
    I hate having multiple runtimes. I hate having non-Poser related and general use images inside a runtime. I hate not having all of the bricks, and cloth patterns, and backdrops that I collected with out regard to Poser in the same folders as the other bricks, and cloth patterns, and backdrops sensibly located in my Poser "Project" runtime. And finally, I hate having multiple copies of the same file on the same drive.
    The most obvious thing to do, it seems, is just give in and move my newly collected resources into my old Poser runtime, with all of the requisite merging and renaming of folders and comparing files with the same or similar name that this would entail.
    Has anyone else experienced this conundrum? Anyone able to resolve it to their satisfaction?