Is it possible? Timeline to new Master Parameter dial?

  • Is it possible to convert the contents of the timeline into a new master parameters dial?

  • I'm not very sure what you're trying to do... :-(

  • @fbs7 Well, what I want to do is to make a complex animation on the timeline and then assign that automation to a master dial, that way I can control all the animation timing using just the master dial control, it basically would be just like creating a master parameter dial now, just I would have the main timeline to be able to work with, not the more limited controls in the dependency editor.

  • I see. That would be an interesting idea to implement.

    This is how I see it: consider "Running"; simplest run animation has 3 poses; a better run animation has 5 poses and the best has 7 poses. So one could imagine a "Running" parameter that when it has value 0, the toon is at rest; value 1 it's on pose #1; value 2 it's on pose #2 and so forth. Therefore one could make a toon run by having the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the timeline, and then repeating them.

    It might be useful to propose that to smith micro for their consideration. But I wouldn't hold my breath, as smith micro has shown excruciatingly small interest in improving animation in Poser for many releases now.

    I understand DAZ Studio has a similar idea with something called a "aniBlock"; it's not really a parameter, but a bunch of values that one drops as a block in the timeline and then it affects several parameters at once, so it's supposedly easier to create repeating animations.

  • Hello all,
    To my knowledge, it is not possible to control the animation timeline by a Master channel. However, it is possible to have a Master dial that can generate a motion. The task can be tedious if you have many joints and motions to control as slaves of the Master dial. See part 3 of my tutorials of Poser Dependent Parameter to be found on the Renderosity site.

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