Hair for Roxie (and/or Pauline)?

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    You can find some hairs in the poser library for the girls as well. And some nice materials in the Material library.

  • Thanks for the help
    Collision was turned on for the head etc, in the window and for the hair.
    Still got intersections with the body sometimes, with both hairs for Pauline.

    Heres my attempt at creating hair for Roxie
    There are several problems as well

    • I don't get a nice haircut, (too difficut) so it's all equal length, doesnt look good

    • I don't get the hair properties right, its too stiff but I dont get the parameters

    • I get strange errors like the hair growing all inwards sometimes

    • the material is wrong, it seems that the hair shader doesnt work in Superfly?
      when I turn normal diffuse color down, its all black, even with the Hair
      shader attached to alt. diffuse. Its all black by fefault when it should be blonde by default.

    • I can't get the scullcap invisible so I get black spots on the forehead
      where the eyebrow cap is.
      The material is set to transparent

    0_1513604036768_roxie hairtest 1d 1.jpg

    0_1513604049368_roxie hairtest 1d 2.jpg

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    @starlingblue There is an advanced Hair Shader for Superfly in the material section (Superfly Basics)

  • Thanks for the tip - that shader is quite complex... looks pretty good.

  • The black showing on the forehead may be a problem with the skin texture. The subsurface scatter node needs to have the sharpness be something besides 0 otherwise you get black like you have when there is a transparency over it.

    I'll try to help with some of the other problems later as I'm at work right now unless someone else beats me to it. In the meantime, can you post your hair settings?

  • Not sure which sharpness you are referring to, but it's the scullcap object which has surface around the eyebrows as well.

    The skin texture is fine, it doesnt show the black marks when the scullcap is removed from the scene.
    Maybe its interacting with the subsurface scattering, IDK, but it should not.
    But I am doing something wrong with the material, cause the preview isnt blank either.
    Transparancey and Edge are set to 1, Falloff to 0.
    It still shows the edges in the material preview. So I am doing something wrong.

    Something else I noticed though is that the HairBsdf shader doesn't use rays from global illumantion, that is, it doesn't work with image based lights for instance, or the reflected light in the scene.
    Thats a bummer.
    0_1513612447975_No GI HairBsdf Shader.jpg

  • Heres how it looks like now, I added a DiffuseBsdf for the indirekt light
    Not unhappy with the results but still work to do

    Now, how do I make a totally transparent material for the scull cap?
    It seems like theres seomthing I am still missing.
    0_1513617166337_roxie hairtest 3b 3.jpg

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    @starlingblue Maker sure the cap does not intersect with the figure (head). If it intersects it may leave render artifacts. Maybe turn off shadow for the cap itself to prevent any kind of shadowing on the head.

    To prevent intersection, use the morphbrush with the tighten fit option.

    • Select the cap
    • start morphbrush
    • From drop down arrow, select new, give it a name
    • Select tighten fit
    • Goal is Figure
    • Pokethrough margin at 0.004
    • paint over the intersections

  • Thanks. I'll try that.
    Meanwhile I got this nightmarish bug with collisions on.0_1513619780519_nitemare bug collisions on.jpg
    The figure isn't in that position in the preview window, but again the hair intersects with the head also in the preview.
    Also precalculating the hair dynamics too really very longer, longer than in my previous tests with Pauline.

  • Using the morphbrush solved this, thanks.

    But something is not right, when I saved the scullcap as a figure, it included the eyes and mouth in the preview picture... looked horrible
    and when I load this hair, and calculate dynamics, the calcuation is done but afterwards it's lost and the hair looks again like in it's very initial state.

    I have the suspicion that something is wrong with that scull cap from the start
    cause it doesnt fit perfectly but intersects, to start with.

    Or maybe I did something wrong but I cant think of anything.

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    @starlingblue the skulcap and hair pieces are parented props, not a figure (at least the ones i know)
    so you need to save it as a hair prop, not as a figure
    A figure has rigging (bones) and dynamic hair does not.

  • For some reason it's not possible to save it as a hair prop, thats what I tried first.
    And the scullcap has a lot if invisible body parts. (like hip, neck, head) Thats one of reasons why I think something is not right with the item.

  • Redid everythiung from scratch

    It seems it's working now but:

    • the haircut didn't turn out as nice as before, which is a pity
    • it's weird that you have top select hairs from the tips, instead of the roots
    • some hairs are grow0_1513638567765_roxie hair 4.jpg ing inwards so I need 40,000 hairs to populate the head
    • head is too thick, but thinner hair would require even more hairs
    • animation makes the hair move inward inside the head
    • collison doesnt work, totally wrecks everything