OK, got the 11.1 update from Content Manager, so where are Paul and Pauline2?

  • Done deal! Version is in the serial number and installed.

    Was there a separate download for the new figures?
    Is the Update>Poser 11 Content Updater for Win (650.21 Mib) supposed to say version
    Under the Installers Tab>Poser for Windows (960.50 MiB) says version

    In other words...HELP!!!

  • Poser Ambassadors

    The figure updater file is in the Installers folder : Nude figures installer at 1.82GB (as it says here) version 34759

    34759 and 34764 are actually the same Poser version. (They only have a different version number for technical reasons.)

  • Hi Mate!
    Tell me, im just updating at this moment, but as we all know servers speeds are an area for SM to improve.

    Have you seen everything in the update?

    Awaiting your comments!