wxWidgets, TKInter or Poser Dialogs for Poser?

  • As I'm a one-week old noob in Python, I may be asking something very stupid. But ask I shall.

    I see that Python comes with wxPython, which has among a lot of other things a GUI; it also has Tkinter, which is another GUI; and it also has some simplified GUI thingies in the Poser API too.

    So which one should apps use?

    The Poser API functions are very simplistic, so they are probably out of contention; but wxWidgets and Tkinter have a lot of good functionality there . Any feedback?

  • Errr... not apps.. which one should scripts use?

  • @fbs7 wxPython is cross-platform functional. Tkinter is not, as the version bundled with Poser is non-funtional on MacOS.

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    Also the entire Poser UI is now in wx, so your wx-based panels integrate with the layout manager, and the internal plugin manager knows how to restore your window/panel position on restart.

    There is no question you should use wx.

  • Oh, I see. I saw several older scripts that they seem to prefer TkInter, so I was actually expecting people to prefer it.

    Guess that none of those scripts will work on Macs, uh?

    Anyone, I'm happy wxWidgets is the way to go. I've used it in the past, and I like it a ton, specially for handling of 2D graphics (much easier than Windows cumbersome C++ interfaces).

    Which gives me an another idea... one can very very very very easily write a text in images via wxWidgets... so there are plenty of opportunities of things to do with Poser... hmm....