I have a problem

  • I would like to know about people that did use DAZ Studio and work on Gen8, or know about it :
    looking at the different character morph products based upon her, that her face looks "rigid".

    It tends, for me at least, that the number of polygons play a roll in this. Is that some of you share this impression ?

  • @tuongericdoan my impression would be that rather than any figure being specifically expressionless (except for Poser's Andy, by design), it is more a case that many users will find it easier to pick the low hanging fruit of limb posing, scene population and clothing selection, than paying the necessary attention to detail required to dial up believable expressions. Whether that is because they are spoiled for choice in the expression dials of the DAZ V and G series figures, which were never incapable of expression, or just don't know where to start, to customise their own figure configurations from the default facial shapes, hence the whole NVIATWAS meme.

    Honestly, I don't think that polygons play a significant role (since currently both DS and Poser support subdivision), whereas the base expressions provided by the vendors do make a significant impact on what is quickly achievable. I still suffer nightmares of the P4 male's ("Dork") rictus grin, that passed for a smile when dialled to 100%. [Shudder]

    I mention Poser here deliberately, as the situation really predated the existence of DAZ Studio, and to my mind, is really just about the figures themselves, and how enthusiastic, but inexperienced users make use of them and delight in sharing their efforts, rather than any restrictions imposed by the platform itself.

    From what I've seen, and I do dabble in DS on occasion to see what the latest G-series figures are bringing to the table, Gen8 is no less feature or expression limited than V4, who by now can truly be made unrecognisable as a V4 by the dedicated custom morph creator. Apart from specific platform functions and restrictions imposed by divergent technologies and punitive EULAs, with subdivision, there is really no shape achievable by any one figure that couldn't be shoehorned and shrinkwrapped onto a completely different (human) figure, with sufficient effort.